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It started on a dare...

“You ain’t no country boy!” were the words I heard when I told someone I lived in the country since I was 3 years old. Truth is, that it’s the only kind of life I know.

My country life I began living off the grid in the late 1980’s in southern-middle Tennessee -which to clarify-meant we had an outhouse, no electricity(solar came when I was about 12 years old), no plumbing in the house, and our closest neighbor was 7/8 of a mile away at the time. In the damn middle of nowhere…a term I know well.

I also was a ranch hand at different stages of my youth where I would stack/load square bales during the seasons and tended livestock. I also rode a lot; wester was my favorite style saddle, but I’ve also played around with English.

So you could imagine my chagrin when I was told this. By the way, being told this also played a role in my reason to write, produce, and share this country series. It may not be “country” in a way we all have come to understand it to be in this current world, but it’s me…my experience in living life where I’m at…in the country.

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We often look to justify our fears.

But if we take opportunity to face them,

there’s a chance to be freed from them live again!

Who is Zean?

I am an Americana music artist. But I must include that my main musical influence flows from Jazz/Blues moods. I think that an exposure to gospel music in my early years immensely contributes this influence; but in terms of style-I must insist, it’s definitely my own.


  My writing history begins somewhere around the age of 15 with my very first completed song Goodbyes-which I’m proud to admit, had a heavy folk sound (which nowadays is considered Americana) at the time. 


From there I came to find interest in traditional classical music, contemporary country, alternative rock, and pop-which further brought me closer to creating my present-day sound.


Currently, I am nurturing an independent music career, moving towards a personal goal to be a working musician which I hope to use as a full-time replacement to running my own construction company.


The future? We. Shall. See.

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